How I update a board

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How I update a board

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This is how I update a board to a newer minor version (eg from 3.3.8 to 3.3.11) If you are at all unsure how to proceed, then read and re read all of the documents available on phpBB before starting.

Upgrading to a new major version (eg 3.2 8 to 3.3.11) is a different matter and not covered by this document

1) Download the "Changed Files" Package from phpBB and unzip it on your computer

2) Discard all of the .zip's EXCEPT the one that addresses the the version you are updating from (eg 3.3.8 to 3.3.11)

3) Unzip that into the same folder as
  • docs
  • install
  • vendor
so you have something like this screenshot (obviously the files and folders may be different depending on the update you are performing)


4) Disable your board in the ACP

5) Backup your database (and all of the files if you want to be doubly sure although depending on how many attachments you have it can take a very long time)

6) Delete the vendor directory from public_html on your server.

7) Upload the files from your computer to public_html on your server overwriting all of the existing files when prompted

8) Go to and click update > update >

(don't worry about No valid update directory was found, please make sure you uploaded the relevant files. as you have already uploaded them)

> Submit and let the installer run. Once its completed then delete the install directory from public_html and re enable the board.


The style(s) you are using has to match the version of phpBB you are using, so

A) If you have any additional styles download and upload the updated version of those at point 7 otherwise your board "WILL" break at some point.

B) If you have a custom style, then you “MUST” make sure that you make the style changes at point 7 otherwise your board “WILL” break at some point.