Deactivating with link active for update "kills" forum

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Deactivating with link active for update "kills" forum

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Just got the notification about a new update. Was running headerlinks_3_2_1-RC3 prior to updating. Now following the proper update procedure addons > disable > remove files > upload new files > enable i noticed "bad" behavior i don't know if its code wise possible to fix or normal behavior. After disabling the extension, i refreshed the main forum page (easy to do on a dual-monitor setup) and noticed a blank index page. Now as with anything php using this is usually a sign of a php processing error.

This was proven by re-enabling the extension (without updating) and the forum came back online instantly. Now i was wondering, is there a way to prevent this from happening? Would setting the forum to "offline" prevent this behavior? (I doubt it as the index page would likely still be trying to load the extension?)
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Re: Deactivating with link active for update "kills" forum

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I have never known that to happen before, but just to check I did exactly as you describe on my test board with no errors at all. I have tested both locally and on my server.

phpBB 3 3.10
php 8.1.15 and 8.2.0

I have no idea why it might happen, but maybe its a cache issue. After disabling try clearing the boards cache to see if that makes a difference.

EDIT:- Does the same thing happen with any of the other extensions you have installed?