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Extension suggestion

Post by rudi »

Thanks for a great extension, I am pleased with it and use it on my board here:

Would you be interested in extending the Moon Phase extension a bit?

I have made some php code, that shows sun times (rise/set/twilights) along with moon rise/set and the moon phase on my forum front page:

See this image:

I will be happy to send you the php source code.

I imagine that the present Moon Phase extension could be extended to:

In the UCP, the following options are to be added:
Show sun and moon times: [boolean]
Observer latitude: [float] (degrees, north positive)
Observer longitude: [float] (degrees, east positive)

In the ACP:
Show sun and moon times (default for all users): [boolean]
Observer latitude (default for all users): [float] (degrees, north positive)
Observer longitude (default for all users): [float] (degrees, east positive)
Clock dial color: [color chooser]
Clock number color: [color chooser]
Inner diameter (moon bitmap): [integer]
Outer diameter (outer clock ring): [integer]
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Re: Extension suggestion

Post by Administrator »

I'm glad you like it. I must say what you have done to the basic moon image is amazing.

I am working on a few of my extensions at present (including an updated header banner with moon phase and or sun spots) but if you are happy to share your code I would certainly look at implementing it into an 'add on' extension showing the moonphase, maybe on a separate page in a similar way to how you have it on your home page(I think it would look very messy with all that detail around the moon in the header but I won't know until I try.

Feel free to email me at the link below if that is easier for you.